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Who’s that girl?

My name is Lola.

I am French
I am 28 years old
I live in Paris, France
I am a Leo
talk a lot
I love travelling and I am always looking for my next destination
I am constantly on the hunt for great food spots
I am a stationery fanatic
I spend hours on Instagram and Pinterest


I blog about…

…food, travel, beauty & fashion, and bits and bobs of my life. #girlsthings but not only!


Why The Golden Hour?

The “golden hour” is the first and last hour of sunlight of the day. These hours are my favourite moments, they make me feel good and inspire me.

Shortly after sunrise or right before sunset, when the sky slowly changes colour and everything seems touched with magic, a feeling of bliss kicks in and starts flowing through the body. The day (or night) seems full of promises. Everything falls into place. That’s it, the “happy moment” you will find here.



I’ll be happy to read your email. Don’t hesitate to write me at should you have a question, a suggestion or about a collaboration.


Welcome to The Golden Hour, enjoy the ride!