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Eat in Milan #2 – Giannasi

Eat in Milan #2 – Giannasi

Giannasi is not a restaurant. It is not a glamorous place in Milan either. And it never renews its menu. So why do I even want to recommend Giannasi to you? And first of all: WHAT is Giannasi?

eat in Milan Giannasi roast chicken

Giannasi: the best roast chicken in Milan

No joke – Giannasi makes the best roast chicken in the city. Don’t ask me his secret, nobody knows it. But all Milanese will agree to say that Giannasi’s chicken is the most tender and perfectly seasoned in town. You should have a bite of its marvelous thin, crip skin too!

In fact, the only thing this tiny street-trattoria invest in is the quality of its food. There is no plan to expand further the business by opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant. There is no huge marketing budget: the old-fashioned website and adverts say it all. That is because the founder, Mr. Dorando Giannasi, wants to stay loyal to its small shopkeeper values that made his success when he moved from a small village in the center of Italy to Milan back in 1959. It works: people come all over Milan for his food and he received many recognitions.

Roast chicken is my go-to but I must admit the fried mozzarella (yes, this goodness exists in Italy!), all’ascolana olives (fried olive stuffed with meat) and lasagna are excellent too. Since it is a trattoria, there is plenty of other delicacies like roasted squash, typical pasta sauce called “ragù”, veggies of all kind, polenta… In a few words, traditional Italian food at its best. But don’t expect the elegance that comes with it, your food will be served in aluminum trays.


eat in Milan Giannasi roast chicken

How to get your piece of heaven?

I mentioned that Giannasi is not a restaurant – it is actually a kiosk permanently settled on a sidewalk, only a few meters from the Porta Romana metropolitan station. As a result, it is takeaway only. But – there is a but – before bringing home your warm, flavourful treasure, you might have to wait in line for 15-30 minutes or so. It is completely worth the wait, though.

Did I mention that prices are unparalleled for that quality? You can get away with a full chicken for 4,50€ ($5).


More info

Open: Monday to Saturday: 7.00-20.00

Address: Piazza Bruno Buozzi, 20135 Milano

Languages spoken: Italian, Spanish, Inglese, and Tagalog.


If you are planning to visit Milan soon or attend Milano Fashion Week, you must try Giannasi. It truly is a spot that only locals know.

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