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Valentine’s Day: my thoughts + gift ideas for Him & Her

Valentine’s Day: my thoughts + gift ideas for Him & Her

Valentine’s Day: yay or nay?

Last year on Instagram, I shared my thoughts on Valentine’s Day and why I think it is great to celebrate it. I still believe it today. Some might say it is a commercial celebration, that love should celebrate every day, etc. But for example, I am with my boyfriend for 7 years and we are getting married next summer so big proofs and demonstrations of our love are not “necessary” anymore. He has me, I got him. Of course, we show each other our love every day but it would be dishonest to say we are romantic at all times.

Being romantic requires an extra effort, we emphasize a situation to make it special. So clearly not something you can do every day when you live with someone. If there is one day to remember us to be romantic, let’s embrace it fully! And if you feel like not celebrating it, that’s just as fine.

After all, Valentine’s Day celebration doesn’t necessarily mean dozens of roses, fancy dinner/sex, and a gift – that is overrated. To me, there is nothing more romantic than a homecooked dinner at candlelight, a special kiss to say how much we love each other and watching a movie nestled in the same blanket (*awww*). Or a small love note left on his/her pillow. Or even a walk around the place you met the first time.  But of course, if you want to offer your sweetheart a flute of Champagne on top of a skyscraper, that will be very much appreciated too 😉

All in all, do whatever you please but let those who want to enjoy their February 14th romantically to do so in peace (and love).


Valentine's Day gift ideas for him and her


Find the gift SHE will really like

Ladies first! I am giving you 3 ideas sorted by price range. Because, let’s be honest if it is already the third year in a row that you homecook something for her with the excuse that “this is cute”, you might want to do something different this year. Worry not, I am serving you on a silver plate top gifts that will make her love you even more if that is possible.


>> LOW BUDGET – Fine Tea

Kusmi Tea, one my favorite tea brands, is launching the new Anastasia White a few days before Valentine’s Day. Coincidence? Haha, you got me here. I personally can’t wait to try this latest addition to their excellent Russian blends, especially because I am a fan of all its ingredients: white tea, bergamot and orange blossoms.

I know I am far from being the only #tealovers out there and I find sweet to receive tea as a gift from a partner. For Christmas, I received a Dammann’s gift set from my boyfriend and I thought, among all the teas that exist, he had to find THE one that I will like. That’s what I appreciate in gifts: the effort. I think it is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day too.


>> FAIR BUDGET – Delicate Perfume

It is tricky to offer perfume as smell tastes are very subjective. Plus, it is recommended for the recipient to try it on skin first. I suggest to skip Sephora and all the other big chains in that case and to go for a more niche perfume house.

Jo Malone makes a little gem of a bottle and scents are always so delicate and special (my longtime favorite is the Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne). By choosing the “travel” format (30mL), you don’t take too much risk and if your lady likes the fragrance, she can later buy the bigger format. Plus, it comes in a cute gift box and you can engrave the bottle with her initials. I find it very thoughtful and off the beaten path.


>> HIGH BUDGET – Pretty Dinnerware

She is like this, she likes pretty table sets and posting them on Instagram. That’s fine, you love her just like that, right? And if you have no idea what makes a good #dinnerware picture, then trust me on this and buy whatever catches your eye on Suite One Studio website. You can’t go wrong.

I am in love with this magnificent rose-with-gold-splatter set of dessert plates which, unfortunately (or fortunately?), is sold out. But I am sure she will love the white dinner plates too, they are elegant and like anything she had seen before. Plus, there is no doubt she will be impressed by your Pinterest Research skills!


Valentine's Day gift ideas for him and her


Find the gift HE will really like

We all agree on that: gifts for boys are the hardest to find. However, you are still convinced your loved one deserves a little something on Valentine’s Day? Well, check my men gifts shortlist below – it will save you a week of research.


>> LOW BUDGET – Espresso Machine

You are reading correctly, I included a coffee machine as a tight-budget gift. In fact, for Valentine’s Day Lavazza almost cut by half the price of its Minù espresso machine (down to 40€!!). Minù – the short name for “minuscolo” (= tiny) comes from its mini size. It is actually so cute and comes in different colors. Most of all, it fits every dead space of your kitchen/office so you can always have it at hand. Every coffee lover’s dream!


>> FAIR BUDGET – Quality Underwear

It is common to offer pretty underwear to a woman on Valentine’s Day but rarely to man. It is a shame. Most men (there must be exceptions) don’t invest in good, durable underwear so we, as partners, should take our role seriously and raise the slip bar. Intimate is to be treated just like socks: when it starts losing color or having holes, there is nothing to do but THROW it!

I think the most classy and comfy (so I’ve been told) underwear are the classic Calvin Klein trunks and briefs with the CK elastic band. Apart from being trendy (the advert campaign is all over the web lately), they do the job elegantly and will never let you down (pun intended).


>> HIGH BUDGET – Concert Tickets

Offering an experience is always a good idea in my opinion. A concert, in particular, is a great moment to share a common passion, go out together and have fun. As a matter of fact, my fiancé and I enjoy attending concerts together. We even crossed a border and drove 500 kilometers to see Coldplay playing. It was all worth it, such a magical night!

Check which artists are soon coming to your city and offer your loved one a special “date” she will remember long after the concert. That’s also a way to treat yourself (she needs someone to come with her, right?). Completely worth the investment.

And if you are single at the moment, why not spoiling your friends, roommates or siblings? What’s important is to spread the love on that special day. And after reading this post, you have no excuse to not find the perfect gift 😉

6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: my thoughts + gift ideas for Him & Her”

  • These are really nice ideas! They look so fancy, yet affordable. My boyfriend, however, is a bit of a geek, so he always wants action figures and Star Wars’ merchandise XD I’d love fine tea, though haha my mum is taking me to have some high tea in San Francisco and I think that’s the nicest gift ever =)

    • Thank you Dann, I am glad you like these gift ideas. It is never easy to find new ones year after year, isn’t it? Fine tea is definitely a nice present, it can hardly go wrong 😉

  • I lovedd these ideas! Now its rly hard to find new exciting gift ideas. And btw i loved the blog design and the way this post is written. Keep it up. Will bedchrxking ur other posts as well

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