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January Beauty favs

January Beauty favs

It has been raining all morning and we all need heart-warming news. Let me tell you about my 3 beauty favs of the months then.

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We are in January, right in the middle of Winter. Here in Milan, temperatures are often dropping to 0-3°C. Nothing compared to the situation in the Arctic Circle but still, all I want is to wrap myself in a blanket and take extra care of my skin to avoid tightness and redness.

In a previous post, I mentioned the beauty products I switch when it gets colder. But lately, I found 3 gems that successfully passed the test of the season. So without further talk, here are this month’s champions:



L'Oréal's Pure Clay Exfoliate & Refine Cleanser


You might think that exfoliating a skin that is going through a dry period isn’t the best idea, or at least not the one that would bring your face immediate comfort. In fact, scrubbing is necessary all year round: it removes impurities, tightens your pores and makes the other formulas you’ll apply afterward work more efficiently. So my advice is simply to adapt your products to the season. If like me, your skin becomes more sensitive from November onwards, use an extra gentle exfoliating gel.

In my search for the perfect Winter face exfoliator that wouldn’t overdry my skin, I stumbled across L’Oréal’s Pure Clay Exfoliate & Refine Cleanser. I was already a fan of the Pure Clay range (and particularly the Purify & Mattify Face Mask), and when I saw that this cleanser was costing less than 9€, it went right into my basket.

All the other masks and exfoliators with clay that I have used in the past were too abrasive for my skin but not the Pure Clay products. What I like in this Exfoliating Cleanser is that it has a delicate smell, its soft texture makes it easy to apply (it becomes a mousse when you wash it), the grains are not too harsh on the face’s skin, and it leaves your skin purified and sooo smooth. And I mean it!

It is a daily cleanser but I personally use it once a week – only because my skin is particularly atopic. Pores are clearly refined, I have had fewer pimples and I love the healthy glow it gives me. Last but not least, it is composed of nature-sourced ingredients (including red algae). Even my boyfriend (who is not really into scrubs) loves it. All I can say is 100% satisfactory.



Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil


I told you here that I had found a new favorite for the lips. To be honest, apart from my essentials (Labello lip balm + Lush lip scrub) I don’t look for new treatments, I am just good like this. For example, I hated Sephora’s lip masks.

But then I was offered Clarins’ Double Serum for Christmas and it came with the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil. Since it was there, you know, I tried it on. That’s how I fell in love.

You have to believe me: it is a gloss but it doesn’t stick! The last time I remember putting lip gloss on I was still in middle school and my hair kept getting stuck in that strawberry-flavored thick glue. How things have changed… Now glosses also moisturize and stay longer than usual lip balms. And the Clarins’ lip oil, in particular, smells good and plumps your lips. And since it is cool again to wear gloss, why not? This Lip Oil is definitely a champion and you should try it!



Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair 


I discovered the goodness of Aveda products through my hairdresser in Milan. I bleached my hair two years ago (check my Instagram for good ol’ memories) and it is yet to recover completely from it. In order to keep my hair healthy, I apply conditioner EVERY time I wash it and I do a mask once every three washes. And before drying, I put Aveda’s Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair on the ends.

Aveda’s products are rather expensive but their natural ingredients make them great allies for our hair. The Daily Hair Repair, for example, contains quinoa and wheat proteins to repair and protect; and soya, macadamia nut and coconut oils to smoothens and brightens the hair. Once applied you can’t feel it: it is light and it doesn’t stick.

I am frequently using a hair dryer, a flat iron and I constantly touch my hair (I am making knots with strands unconsciously) and I can tell you that without this Aveda “serum”, my ends would be completely dead at this time.

A word to conclude. For three products I recommend, there are actually 4-5 others that I don’t feel are worth writing about. I am as honest as I can be in my beauty reviews and I hope that you enjoy them. If you try one of the products mentioned, I’d be happy to know if your opinion is as favorable as mine 🙂 Now, roll on February!

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    • Thank you Brittny, I am sure you’ll love the effect of Pure Clay, I recommend it at 100% and not only during Winter! I am glad if my review could help you decide 😉
      I had a look at your blog too and I love the colors and energy, I’ll keep reading you!

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