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Makeup Review – Mascara, blush & concealer

Makeup Review – Mascara, blush & concealer

One thing you need to know about me is that I don’t buy new makeup if I haven’t finished my current products. Why? Because I love novelty too much which means I always use the latest article and leave the ‘old’ to catch dust. So in order to avoid wasting half bottle each time, I force myself not to buy new makeup until they finish. That’s how weak I am 😉

Makeup haul

A month ago, I finally finished my mascara, blush and concealer and it was time for a serious beauty raid. After using Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara, NARS’ powder blush and Make Up For Ever’s Ultra HD concealer for a few weeks, I feel I can share with you a full review of each makeup product.


MASCARA – Better Than Sex, Too Faced


Why I chose it? I have tiny eyelashes and I need a strong cream and powerful brush to make them stand out. I had tried brands like Dior, Sephora, Benefit, Lancôme before but was looking for something new. Also, I had heard many positive reviews on this mascara and the name was intriguing me so I decided to give it a go.

Price: 25€


  • The brush is great and separates lashes for a natural finish (no spider leg action!)
  • Definitely a good hold and voluminous lashes without the “heavy” feeling
  • Despite my teary eyes, mascara stays all day without flaking
  • Fair price for this quality (high-end brands’ mascara now lean towards 35€)


  • Dries quickly
  • Still trying to figure out why it is better than sex 😛

Score: 8/10 (it’s already the second time I buy it: it’s a good sign!)


BLUSH – Orgasm, NARS


Why I chose it: I tried the blush by chance months ago at Heathrow airport’s duty-free and the saleswoman did a good job. She sold me the Orgasm blush so well (“a master product”, “the ultimate authority in blush”, “the brand’s bestseller”) and the result was so good on my fair skin that once my current blush was reduced to a speck of dust, I decided to treat my cheeks with the NARS one.

Price: 34€


  • Orgasm shade: a peachy pink with golden shimmer that changes with the light, amazing!
  • Not excessively shimmery
  • Long lasting: good when applied on powder, excellent when applied on foundation
  • Lovely mat packaging with mirror
  • Great name (no doubt, sex is selling!)


  • Quite pricey, but blushes last forever so I consider it’s a good investment.

Score: 9/10


CONCEALER – Ultra HD, Make Up For Ever


Why I chose it: To be honest, I had no idea what to buy because my previous purchases weren’t completely satisfying. This time around I was looking for a hypoallergenic, non-creasing, non-drying concealer with a great coverage. So to say the Graal! The make-up artist at Sephora suggested the Make Up For Ever concealer and after trying it on me, I was convinced.

Price: 26€


  • Many shades available which allow the perfect match for each skin tone
  • Great coverage with just a small amount
  • No eyelid dryness whatsoever
  • Smart packaging: small, easily portable and a tip that releases the right amount of product


  • Slightly too greasy: I find the concealer too “visible” under my powder and I wish it could blend better. But on the other end, its “heavy” texture prevents the eyelid from drying… Not sure what I prefer!

Score: 7/10

I love to hear beauty feedback so please let me know in a comment if you have tried one of these products and how you found yourself.  If you haven’t, are you thinking to buy the makeup I reviewed?

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