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Eat in Milan #1 – Saigon

Eat in Milan #1 – Saigon

Hi everyone!

I am starting the week inaugurating a new Food series called “Eat in Milan” where I’ll share my favorite places to eat in Milan. Keep reading to discover some great food spots in this vibrant fashion capital.

Today we’ll start with…


First, I have to specify that Vietnamese food is my favorite Asian cuisine so I am quite picky with it. And when, last May, I heard that a Viet restaurant was opening in Milan and would do only this (not the usual “Asian fusion” or  “Viet-Thai”) and what’s more, close to my house, I had to book immediately.

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Here’s my feedback on Saigon:

*The food

DE-LI-CIOUS. I had vegetarian fresh rolls (served with peanut sauce and soy bean sauce), chicken skewers in spicy satay sauce and a piece of banana bread with cardamom ice cream and coconut tapioca pudding. Everything was subtlely tasty, not too spicy, fresh and well presented. Special mention to the fresh rolls that were amazing in every way and for which I promised myself to come back very soon.

Traditional Vietnamese dishes are revisited with a modern twist. Next to me, a woman had a chicken curry served in a coconut, that’s brilliant! I also liked the research put in each plate. My dessert, for instance, combined different flavors and textures that, together, were a perfect match.

Saigon - the foodVegetarian fresh rolls, simply amazing

*The place

Saigon is located in a residential area of Milan, not exactly close to the chic Brera or the trendy Isola. From the outside, the industrial warehouse and neon sign contrast with what’s to come. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you feel immersed in Indochina, the old French colony (today’s Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos). Huge flapping fans, traditional art on the walls, high plants creating a jungle atmosphere, wooden floors… you are in a real colonial house. And the meticulous attention to detail continues up until the bathrooms. An exotic oasis in the heart of Milan, I loved it!

Saigon - the placeA colonial jungle in the heart of Milan

*The experience

The first two weeks, Saigon only opened to press and VIPs with (most certainly) the aim to make this restaurant THE new hype place and create expectations. I was scared to find only models waiting to be seen and pretentious waiters – as it is often the case in Milan’s trendy bars/restaurants – but the service is actually professional and easy going and we felt at ease. Our waiter took care of us with a smile all dinner long despite it was 10.30 pm and the wait between dishes wasn’t too short nor too long. Well done!

Saigon’s owner also owns Canteen so expect prices to be in the same range: relatively high. Having said that, we paid around 70€ in two (wine included) which is more than decent for Milan given the great food we had.

Saigon - the experienceDecisions decisions, so many temptations!

From Monday to Saturday, 6pm-2am
Via Archimede 53, Milano

Try it and let me know your thoughts.

Also, if you’re a foodie just like me, check my recipe of the French Galette charentaise.

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