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My secrets for a flawless skin

My secrets for a flawless skin

Ok ok, “flawless skin” might sound a bit pretentious. I confess I do sometimes have blackheads, open pores and ugly spots like everyone else. But I do often receive positive comments on my “good looking face”. A passion for beauty runs in my family and we have pretty good “skin genes” so yes, it helps, but that’s not all.

So, interested to hear my tips on how to have a flawless skin?


Remove your makeup

Now you’re thinking “talk about a secret!”. But yes, you’d be surprised at how many people skip that step or cleanse their face the wrong way. The best way to keep a flawless skin is to have a solid routine in place, and no exception is tolerated.

It never happened to me to go to bed without removing my makeup, not even when I was drunk or sick as hell. And even when I fall asleep watching a movie, I do find the inner strength to wake up to cleanse my face and wash my teeth. Or when I travel, I make sure to always have the necessary to keep my skin clean and fresh. Isn’t it the worse feeling to wake up with your eyelashes stuck and your skin dry? I hate it!

*My personal routine

First step: remove your makeup properly – you shouldn’t see any trace of color on the lid or the waterline. For the eyes, use a bi-phase eye makeup remover and, for the rest of the face, a micellar water or cleansing milk.

Then, wash your face with a cleansing gel (or mousse) and rinse it with water, yes, WATER! That’s the most natural ingredient and a good way to narrow down the number of chemicals you apply on your skin.

Personally, I don’t use a toner or micellar water at night (I don’t like the sticky feeling), I prefer to apply my serum right after washing my face, and finish up with my night cream, eye cream and a touch of lip balm. In the morning, to avoid drying out the skin with Milan’s hard water, I apply toner with a cotton pad and follow with my day cream and lip balm.

*My beauty shelf

Flawless skin - Morning beauty routine

Flawless skin - Night beauty routine

1- Gentle Toner, Nivea 2- Hydra Life Pro-Youth Silk Creme, Dior 3- Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado, Kiehl’s 4- Original Lip Balm, Labello 5- Express Eye Make-Up Remover, Nivea 6- Micellar Cleansing Water Sensitive Skin, Garnier 7- Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash Sensitive Skin, Garnier 8- Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Kiehl’s 9- Crème Prodigieuse Night, Nuxe


Protect your skin from the sun

My grandma is 90 years old and still has a baby skin. My mom always gave me and my sisters the most precious advice on how to care for our skin. I actually still remember the hours spent following her in the parapharmacy with heart-shaped eyes.

Their #1 advice is: the sun is not your friend. You need it for sure, and you actually get it by opening your windows in the morning and going out every day. But exposing yourself to the sun’s rays is BAD. And doing it without sunscreen protection is an invitation to cancer (it’s hard but true, ask doctors). Because I grew up with that mindset, I still feel bad when I apply “only” SPF30 😉


Protect your skin from the sunFair skin for the win!


Wrinkles, sun spots, burns, why put your health at risk when your tan will disappear anyway? This summer I wanted to cry when seeing people on the beach not paying attention to their one and only skin just to show off in September. It’s pretty to be sun-kissed but please, don’t exaggerate, your body will thank you later.


Eat a varied diet and drink water

One of the basics for your skin is to eat the full spectrum of vitamins, proteins, and minerals your body needs to function properly. If your body is healthy, so is your skin! Or it has at least a good basis to get better.

I am definitely the girl who has “cheat day” 6 days a week rather than one (check my latest recipe!), but I eat everything: different kinds of fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, cereals, sugar, dairy, spices… And I drink still water all day and at every meal. I keep soft drinks and alcohol for when I occasionally eat outside. By consuming varied food and drinking mainly water I make sure my skin can pick the nutrients that are good for “her”.

Don’t over do

It makes me laugh when I hear girls explaining that their routine is “simple and easy”… but they have 7 products to apply only on their face. Come on! How do you think the last layer (say, hydrating water) will be absorbed by your skin if you’ve just put 6 other layers (hydrating mask, toner, serum, vitamin C shot, BB cream, moisturizer) below? To me, that’s a waste of money. Same thing, doing facials every week won’t do miracles if you don’t follow a pretty skin diet every day at home.

So, my advice is to choose two to three beauty products and stick to them. I change products according to the season (extra hydration during winter) and I apply masks twice a week (I switch between hydrating, purifying and retexturizing formulas).


Flawless skin - Masks
1- HydraQuench Cream-Mask, Clarins 2- Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask, Kiehl’s
3- Retexturizing Mask With Rose Clay, Origins


Try a few products before deciding which ones suit you best. Remember that they don’t necessarily need to be top-shelf cosmetics. For instance, my beauty bag ranges from drugstore to pharmacy to luxury products: the price tag doesn’t make the quality and most cosmetics groups own small and big brands. Did you know that L’Oréal and Lancôme are from the same parent company, and benefit consequently from the same Research & Development processes?


In a nutshell

To conclude, I’d say there is no secret to get a beautiful skin but consistency. You just need to take care of it, every-single-day, with the products adequate to your skin requirements (oily, normal, dry or sensitive). Remember that if you treat it well, your skin will naturally glow, even without makeup!

Let me know if you’ve learned something new today and if you’d like to see more of these articles on the blog!

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