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So is that it, am I a blogger?

I thought about starting a blog for such a long time that it feels weird it was “that” easy. What can I write about? Who would be interested to read it? Would it be worth my time? I guess at some point, you just need to go for it, wait and see.

And so, here I am on a sunny Monday, launching my own blog. A platform to tell you (but who are YOU?) about what it is to be a French expatriate in Milan, where I like to go and to eat, how I am prepping for my wedding next year and, basically, all the things in between.

Let’s be honest, this platform is mainly for me to say things and an opportunity to write more often as I love it. But then, moving on, I’d like to think it can become a place to get ideas, to reflect on things, a fun companion. Just like an aperitif with friends at sunset, a moment filled with laughter, free talks, and drinks. A golden hour.

And to find out more about who’s behind the keyboard, aka the girl pictured, follow the link!

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